How's your Facebook marketing strategy going? Is it everything you always wanted and more? Or are you just ready to kick your Facebook strategy to the curb.....




If you are like most people using a Facebook page as a strategy to grow a business, you are probably frustrated at the declining engagement and reach. Just posting photos and status updates alone isn't getting it anymore.


Facebook is always changing their “algorithms”. What works one day, just simply won't work another. Facebook now says the using the words LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE are no longer acceptable in your status updates. What???


I hear a so many people with pages complain that Facebook should just stop changing everything. I can feel your pain!


However, we must remember is that Facebook was not created for businesses. Facebook was created as a way for people to connect with family and friends. Business pages came later because so many people were using their personal profiles to spam people with their product, service, etc.


We could just give up and forget about using Facebook for marketing, or we could just go ahead and dive right into advertising.


Think with me for a second... What did a business do before Facebook to gain customers? They placed ads... In newspapers, on TV, on billboards, radio, etc.


Facebook is a business. And they do want your money. There really is only so much you can get for free anywhere and Facebook is no different.


You have so many potential customers on Facebook each and every day.  So, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!


It's time to beef up the game with this BRAND NEW and POWERFUL training I just found. It's called Dark Post Profits.



Have you heard of Dark Posts on Facebook? Well, most people haven't and it's definitely becoming a strategy that is growing in popularity and it will probably become the #1 advertising strategy in 2014.


Here's what Gary Vaynerchuk, author and social media brand consultant, has to say about it:


“Facebook dark posts, with the proper content, contextual to who you are targeting, has been the biggest conversion funnel ads for me since Google Adwords 2002!”


What is a Dark Post???


Dark Posts are unpublished Facebook posts that are not visible on your fan page. They are “dark”. They are only visible in the newsfeed of the “hand selected” people you choose to see them. They are ads that look just like regular Facebook posts as people scroll through their newsfeed. That's what makes them so great! They don't look like ads.


Dark Posts on Facebook is really something you need to get into and Dark Post Profits is an awesome training that will teach you how to market on Facebook. This BRAND NEW training will show you how to sell ANYTHING directly in the Facebook newsfeed using 8 simple steps.


This shows how you can sell in many niches including but not limited to:


  • Biz Ops
  • T-Shirts (Yes, cool, right?)
  • Affiliate Products
  • Real Estate (Even real estate :) )
  • Home Business – Direct Sales - MLM (Makeup, Jewelry, Nutrition, etc.)
  • Small Business (Attorney, Retail Stores, Travel, Photography, etc.)

You Name It!


This 35+ MODULE training is very simple to follow. It will teach how to set up high converting ads to sell your products, service, biz op, etc. on Facebook using the most advanced targeted methods.


And, this is really nice...  If you don't have a product or business to sell, the training will show you how to find products to sell!


Who is Dark Post Profits for?


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Local Small Business Owners
  • Real Estate Agents/Investors
  • Authors, Coaches, Speakers
  • Network Marketers, MLM
  • Anyone Who Wants To Learn Facebook Advertising
  • Anyone Who Wants To Learn How To Find Products To Sell On Facebook
  • Anyone Who Wants To "Beef" Up Their Facebook Strategy


It's for ANYONE who wants to get paid to work from home or improve their business.


Maybe you have been thinking about advertising on Facebook to market your business OR you have tried it with little or no results? Maybe the whole idea of it just confuses you. You have ads manager and power editor. You have targeted audiences and so on. Then there is CPC, PPC and oCPM??? Yikes!


Well, it doesn't have to be so darn confusing.


If you have tried with little or no success in the past to create ad campaigns on Facebook or if you are just a bit intimidated by the whole process, this training will definitely help you.  It truly is simple and easy to follow.


What do you get with Dark Post Profits?


  • 35 easy to follow Training Videos that teach everything you need to know about Dark Post Ads
  • Bonus Videos that show profitable campaigns
  • Exclusive Access to our MEMBERS ONLY Mastermind
  • Training that will stay Updated


You will learn how to:


  • Create Ads with Ads Manager and Power Editor
  • Design Great Looking Photos For Your Ads
  • Place The Various Types Of Ads
  • Manage Your Ads


Plus you will also learn:


  • Advanced Techniques
  • Ideas On Various Products You Can Sell – Including how to sell T-Shirts
  • Retargeting


And Much More!


Are you excited? You should be! This is the product to get your hands on! Dark Posts Profits is really going to change the game when it comes to selling on Facebook. Simply posting photos and status updates alone will not get it.


As I mentioned, this Value Packed product is BRAND NEW. At the writing of this article, it's in pre-launch phase. Because of this, the price now is VERY low too considering all of the training you get. But I seriously do not know how long the price will be at this introductory price. So it's really best to go ahead and grab yours right here at this very low price. (Don't wait... get it while the price is right!)


It's time to take your Facebook marketing strategy to the dark side with this great training.


Do you want a Facebook Ads advantage?  Do you want to grow your business?  Or do you want to learn how to sell ANYTHING in the Facebook newsfeed?


Then don't wait.  Grab this excellent step by step training today at this terrific introductory price!



If you are unhappy with the traffic or the business you are getting on your page you can keep trying what's not working or try something new. The choice is yours.


The competitors are using Facebook advertising and it's time to jump in and do it also.   Learn more about it!




Success through helping others,


Facebook Marketing Tips | 3 Tips For Getting Engagement To Your Page



Are you using a Facebook Page to market your business?


Are you just posting spamy links to your personal Facebook profile in hopes of getting people to join you in your business?

(Did you know that you could get your personal page shut down by Facebook by promoting your business there?)

So, how's it going? Are your status updates getting any engagement? Do you need some ideas for status updates to get more engagement?


You know that unless you have engagement to your page, your status updates will not be seen in the news feed of your fans. You know that whole Facebook algorithim page rank thing...


So I put together a video to give you 3 great ideas for your status updates for your business page.


CLICK HERE or below to take a look:



Now you have 3 great ideas for status updates to your Facebook page!

I trust this Facebook Marketing Tips video has helped you!  Please share!

Success through helping others,


Janet Johnson


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FREE Training reveals how to get leads using Craigslist



What's a blogger to do when they run out of ideas for blog content?


What in the world will I blog about today???  Hmmm....


You know you need to post to your blog, but knowing what you want to write about is another story sometimes.


Have you ever faced this BIG dilemma? You know what I'm talking about. Unless you are a Super Blogger Hero you have...


Suddenly, the screen is blank and the cursor is blinking at you. You CANNOT think of one single thing to write for your blog. Your business depends on the blog content you put out there... Are you ready to take a sledge hammer to it yet?


Well, I know I personally have had those same thoughts!  Come on, tell me I'm not the only one.


Well, I want to share with you some ideas to get you going. And really, there is SO much to blog about when you start thinking outside of your own head.



There really are a ton of content ideas available to you. I'm going to share with you some of my favorite resources of inspiration. Let's get started.


1. Solve a Problem - Write an article that solves a problem. Perhaps a "how to" type of article that shows how to do something or answers a problem. Example: 10 Cool Ways To Get Ideas For Your Blog Content or How To Overcome Procrastination For Business Success. What knowledge do you have that solves a problem for someone else? Blog about it!


2. Trending News - Write articles on news that is trending in your industry. Take advantage of the curiosity of others who are wanting to know more about this news. Be the first to share it!  Also, trending news in general makes great content. TIP:  If you are on Facebook, you will notice that on the upper right side of your personal profile you will see "trending". Take a look and see what's going on in the world. You could create some GREAT content around this trending news.


3. Get Ideas From Other Bloggers - When you read another blog article you like, use that idea for inspiration to write your own article. Do not... and I REPEAT... DO NOT copy. That's so not cool! But if you see an article on a topic that interests you, write your article using that as your topic.


4. The News - You can find stories on your local news or even national news that can be great content for your blog article. Use the idea and write a post. I always link the article back to the website of the original story, but I always write my own post with points I learned from the story. See my example here of an article I wrote from watching my local news.


5. StumbleUpon, Mashable, Forbes, etc. - These are great sites to get inspiration for your blog article topics. You can find great articles on these sites. But again - Do NOT copy. Use these sites to get inspiration to write your own article.


6. Product/Company Reviews - Review other companies and their products. This gets you in front of people who are looking at that company AND at the end tie your article into a Call To Action for what YOU have to offer that can possibly meet the need of the company you have reviewed.


7. Book Reviews - Review books you have read in your niche or even books you have enjoyed that are not in your niche or industry.


8. Tell your personal story - You've heard that stories sell. Tell your story. Share your challenges... Your triumphs. Let your readers get to know you and who your are... You know, the whole attraction marketing thing... People buy from who they like, know and trust... ;) Let your readers see that you are a real person with real life struggles and victories.


9. Video Blogging - Have you ventured into the Video Marketing world? If you have, take that video and post into your blog.  And if you haven't ventured into video marketing, why not? :) ) Create a bit of curiosity by writing just an introduction to your video. Post your video and then below the video write that you hope the video was helpful for _____________. End the post there.


10. Revisit Your Old Blog Posts - Do a Part 2 or Part 3, etc. to a post you have already written. Write an update if information you have shared has changed. Rewrite an old article with a different spin. Change it up a bit.


So... Are you feeling like a Super Blogger Hero now? Are you starting to get ideas now for your blog?


Really, when you think about it, there are ideas every where you turn. These are just a few ideas. I trust your creative juices are over flowing right now and that you are now inspired with ideas to get you going for your blog post articles.


Now GO!  Start writing those articles!


I hope this article has given you some GREAT ideas for YOUR blog articles! If so, please share it.


Leave me a comment and tell me any ideas you have for finding blog content.


Success through helping others,


Janet Johnson





How To Make A Meme Fast And Easy


You've seen those cute memes all over social media. You know, those pictures with words or captions on them that make us laugh or just simply smile.


The really good ones seem to go viral too!


Well, you can make your own meme to share that could possibly go viral.  How would that help your business or social media strategy?


There are many GREAT photo editing tools out there. But I just want to share a way to make a meme that's quick and easy.



Did you know that you can make a meme using Google+ from your computer?  (Note: Not available on your Google+ mobile app)


And, it's really easy! Let's get started:


Step 1:  Upload any picture you want to use straight from your computer into Google+. Just click the “Photo” button from your home page under share what's new.




Step 2:  Next, after you upload your picture, you will see below your uploaded picture the “text” box. Click it.


Step 3:  Now you can add three written lines to your picture. Keep it simple and I would suggest that you use the upper and lower text boxes only as the middle line could get in the way of your photo. Also, notice in the upper right the box that says “T”. Here you can change your font.



Step 4:  Click SAVE



Step 5:  Now click share!



Your newly created meme is now on Google+!


That was easy, right? Now start making your own memes using Google+. Your meme just might be the next viral meme!


If you enjoyed this quick tutorial on how to make a meme with Google+, please SHARE it!


Success through helping others,


Janet Johnson


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The life blood of any business is sales, right? We need to get our business in front of the people who need our product or service.


It doesn't matter what business we have. We need leads to get those sales.


How would YOU like to learn how to get 30, 40 or even 50 leads per day for your business?


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